untitled (Marcel)

Belvedere Museum, Vienna (AT)

Installation view: Belvedere Museum, Sala Terrena, Vienna 2016. Image credits: ©Belvedere, Vienna

untitled (Marcel), 2016 aluminum, steel 270 x 270 x 470 cm

“With untitled (Marcel) a readymade is made ready. In a playful linguistic and pragmatic game – with annotation –, parole and langue are intertwined. Christoph Meier and Salvatore Viviano unravel the role of the author, the relation to his object and the manner in which we perceive it in context. We know the sculpture this work references, we know the functional object it represents, but its scale, purpose and setting are altered once again. Their responsive approach serves here as a pretext to the understanding of how art history and its key works operate in an everyday yet museological environment. So let’s have a Christmas tree, a clothes rack, or untitled (Marcel).”  Pieternel Vermoortel 

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