Mad Cow

Scag Contemporary Gallery, Vienna (AT)

Works selected by Delphine Telesio di Toritto and Salvatore Viviano

According to some sources, Abiogenesis is the natural process by which life arises from non-living matter, such as simple organic compounds. Abiogenesis is studied through a combination of paleontology, chemistry, and extrapolation from the characteristics of modern organisms, and aims to determine how pre-life chemical reactions gave rise to life on Earth. There’s also an option that life came out of a box, probably out of a jewellery box. Actually, the Greta Garbo’s jewellery box. And we got it in the show, just in case that option is the right one. We recently heard that people overuse the words dialogue and narrative when trying to explain artworks. That’s the reason why we are not going to use them, easy. Artworks make more sense when they are in a dialogue, sorry, conversation, with other artworks, they become alive. But some of them, really prefer being by themselves. In the MAD COW show, we selected works from artists from all backgrounds We placed the artworks where they apparently wanted to be placed, we tried to listen to them. While asking one of the works how it would like to be placed, it answered: ​« Randomly. Life Is Random, Why Not All the Rest? »

MAD COW is an exhibition with works from: Samuel Adams, ​Jonathan Baldock, Adnan Balcinovic, Belmacz, Michele Bubacco, Giulia Ceccacci Phillips, Nikolaus Eckhard, Gabriele Edlbauer, Judith Eisler, Søren Engsted, Marina Faust, Philipp Fleischmann, Georg Frauenschuh, Julia Goodman, Martin Grandits, Camille Holowka, Lisa Jäger, Paul Kindersley, Wilhelm Klotzek, Axel Koschier, Bert Löschner, Fernando Mesquita, Thea Moeller, Gaspare Mutolo, Charlotte Neel Ritto, Stefan Reiterer, Marusa Sagadin, Ania Shestakova, Katarina Spielmann, Tin Trohar, Maria Ziegelböck and a selection of objets de curiosité featuring special guests…

Mad Cow (Installation View, Details)

Mad Cow (Installation View, Details)