Bregenz Biennale - group show
Pizzeria il Tedesco by Thomas Geiger, Kunsthalle 3000, Vienna – performance
Manifest Dance, John Gerrard & Simon Preston Gallery party, Manifesta12, Palermo – producer
Like a perfect film!, Friedl Kubelka Film School, Vienna – lecture & performance
365, Dessous, Vienna - curator
Bar du Bois Kultur, Foundation, Vienna – group show
Art University of Linz - professor assistant and lecturer for the Sculpture & Transmedia department

Mad Cow, Scag Contemporary Gallery, Vienna – curator
Night Train-Revolutions dinner, TBA21 Augarten, Vienna – art direction
Alpenglühen – 100 years of Ettore Sottsass jr, Belmacz Gallery, London – group show
Je t’aime, etc…, France2 TV, France – TV moderator
Instructions for Happiness,  21er Haus Museum, Vienna – group show
Salon für Kunstbuch, Vienna – group show
BKA (Austrian Ministry of Culture) - work’s acquisition
Art University of Linz - professor assistant and lecturer for the Sculpture & Transmedia department

Instructions for Happiness, Lekka & Perikleous, Athens – group show
Untitled (Marcel), with Christoph Meier, Belvedere Museum, Vienna – solo show
Whatever Happened to Gelitin by Angela Christlieb – acting performance
Away, a project around residencies, Former Post & Telegraph HQ, Vienna – group show & performance
Opera Publica, Kunstlerhaus, Vienna – group show
Salvatore does Sigmund, Sigmund, Vienna – solo show & performance
Caritas Auction 2016, Dorotheum, Vienna – curator
Take Festival, Alte Poste, Vienna – group show  
Art University of Linz - professor assistant and lecturer for the Sculpture & Transmedia department 

Sharing Space, Alte Poste, Vienna – group show
Flirting with Strangers, 21er Haus Museum, Vienna – group show    
Mozzarella in Carrozza / Destination Vienna, Kunsthalle Wien - group show & performance
I Never Liked Being in Bed Alone, 21er Haus Museum / 21er Raum, Vienna – solo show
Private Public Partnership, Lust Gallery, Vienna – group show 
Ja/ty/on/ona/oni, Galeria Fotografii pf, Poznan - group show & performance
Interior, Hörlgasse 10/7, Vienna – group show & performance
Foundations Magazine european launch, Copenhagen & Vienna - performance
Art University of Linz - lecturer for the Sculpture & Transmedia department

Cry Me a Dry Martini, Mauve, Vienna - performance
Soft Nepotism, Bar du Bois, Vienna – group show
Cake, Limbo, Copenhagen – performance
Opens the One Work Gallery in Vienna
Academy of Fine Arts Vienna - professor assistant (Florian Reither)
A Ballet, Artbat ’14, Almaty (Kazakhstan) – performance & lecture
Schloss Damtschach Gallery, Wernberg (at) – group show & performance

Artist in Residence, Cité Internationale Des Arts, Paris –  grant BMUKK (Austrian Ministry of Culture)
Thank You For Coming, Albertina Museum, Vienna – performance
Tea Bag, by Manuel Scheiwiller, Locarno – acting performance
Gelitin-Loch, 21er Haus Museum, Vienna – performance
Ballet für Eine Baustellung, 21er Haus Museum, Vienna – performance
Give Me That Bag, Eva Blut, Vienna – performance
Gelitin-Ritratto Analitico, MiArt, Milano – performance

Twice As True, Global Talks, Stockholm – group show & performance
Be My Guest, Lust Gallery, Vienna – group show & performance
Door, 623 Toilett Licker, Vienna – performance & installation
One Is The Loneliest Number (Google Confirms), Glockengasse 9, Vienna – group show
Will Benedict & Julie Verhoeven-Bread & Butt, Meyer Kainer Gallery, Vienna – performance
Salvatore - Black Pages Magazine, January 2012 issue

Characterized By Leviathan, Ve.Sch, Vienna – performance
Is The Pope Catholic?, Francis Ruyter Gallery, Vienna – group show & performance
Modeling Agency, 68 m2, Copenhagen – group show & performance
Gelitin-Some Like It Hot, Biennale di Venezia – performance
Inkontinenz, L’Ocean Licker, Vienna – solo show

Mofa, Heumuhlgasse, Vienna – group show
Elektro Fleischmann, Pro Choice, Vienna – performance
Gelitin-The Blind Sculpture, Greene Naftali Gallery, NYC – performance

Ass Projection, Ve.Sch, Vienna – performance
Privatkonzert, Das Weisse Haus, Vienna – performance
Obsession #1, Amer Abbas Gallery, Vienna – performance & installation
Der Dritte Salon Des Arts, Secession, Vienna – performance
Gelitin-All Or The Just, Artissima, Torino – performance